Commercial Driver License DWI Defense in NH

When it comes to DWI in New Hampshire any conviction can be serious. But when you add the fact that the driver is a CDL holder, the situation becomes extremely serious. The state of New Hampshire has become very strict when a CDL holder gets charged with DWI. Even a first time DWI offender can face serious fines and fees if they are operating a commercial vehicle. The CDL DUI laws in NH are severe; for starters, a full one year suspension of your CDL will occur if you are convicted. This is a mandatory penalty that can even happen to CDL holders driving their own personal car. Depending on the judge’s discretion you could even face longer suspensions. The DWI attorneys at The Law Office of Shepherd and Osborne in Nashua NH, has helped many clients who are facing DUI charges and hold CDL’s in New Hampshire.

Breathalyzer Test for CDL Holders

For those who hold a CDL, refusing to take a blood or Breathalyzer test will result in a one year suspension and there is nothing you can do about it. This can be detrimental to anyone who depends on commercial truck driving to make a living. Once a commercial truck driver has lost his CDL due to DWI even after it has been reinstated, it can make it very hard to find gainful employment. Many trucking companies have policies that won’t allow them to hire former DWI offenders. This can negatively affect your employment opportunities.

DUI Penalties for CDL Operators in New Hampshire

Drivers with standard licenses who incur a DWI can have their driving records cleared after 10 years. But for those who hold a CDL it can never be taken off their record. When a CDL owner gets a second DWI there will be an immediate suspension of their license and their days of driving a commercial truck in the state of New Hampshire will be over. A lifetime suspension is a mandatory penalty that will happen once the CDL holder has been convicted.

Experienced CDL DWI Lawyers

If you are a CDL holder in the state of New Hampshire and are faced with a DWI, your time is limited. Seeking professional help is the only way you are going to fight this charge. By hiring a professional DUI lawyer that specializes in CDL cases, you will have a better chance at winning your case.

Even if you get convicted having proper counsel can help reduce the amount of penalties and fees you may be faced with. Contact us today for a consultation about your case today! 

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