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Police Departments and Prosecutors look for evidence against you with the intent to convict you and close the case.  It is crucial that a good defense team uncover any and all exculpatory evidence prior to trial so that you are able to properly defend yourself.

The role of the Private Investigator is to assist your defense attorney in any way possible to strengthen your case.  An investigator can examine the evidence and formulate a defense strategy with the attorney to ensure that the team works as a team in a complimentary manner.


One of the most important jobs in preparation of your defense is identifying and locating witnesses to help strengthen your position.  The police often do an inferior job investigating the crime for which you are accused.  In America you are presumed innocent until proven guilty; however, many individuals convicted, incarcerated or accused of crimes would strongly disagree.  The simple fact is that you must do everything possible to prove your innocence, because while the United States Criminal Justice System is arguably the greatest in the world, it is full of flaws and innocent people do get convicted.


The Private Investigator may photograph, map and document a scene in order to paint a picture for the jury.  This may also show inaccuracies in the State’s evidence against you.  For example, if a police officer gives you a field sobriety test on what he or she describes as level ground, the investigator may show that the ground was not level, the pavement was full of cracks and therefore your balance may have been compromised by the environment and not alcohol consumption.


Private Investigators often are responsible for serving witnesses with trial subpoenas.  Serving a subpoena is a legal notification that the witness is now legally obligated to appear in court and testify before the court thus ensuring that the Judge and Jury hears the evidence that can potentially exonerate you.


As an experienced investigator with over sixteen years in the business, I must say that Justin Shepherd and Mark Osborne are not only top notch attorneys, but among the very few I would trust my life to if I were accused of a crime.  They care about their clients and the outcome of every single case and that is what sets them apart from the competition.

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