Criminal Lawyer for New Hampshire

Mark Osborne is an aggressive Criminal & DUI lawyer and he is fired up and ready to defend you. If you have been arrested and charged for DUI in New Hampshire , drug charge or any criminal offense, then don’t hesitate to contact the top criminal lawyer in New Hampshire. You can reach him day or night during the week and the weekend. He realizes that most arrests and police action do not occur at the most convenient hours for you and your family. Mark is happy to meet with you after hours or during the weekend if necessary.

Mark is ready to take your call and to help you and walk you through an arrest, an accusation, a police interrogation, a motor vehicle stop, and any other random police action that can ruin your life and rock your world without warning.

Mark treats his clients the way they would want to be treated if they were suddenly arrested or accused of a crime. Which is why he is always available and why he does not charge any consultation fees.

As defense attorneys and former prosecutor, Mark knows what it is like to speak to a judge or jury from both sides of the courtroom. They can give you a realistic idea of what your prosecutors and your arresting officers will try to do to you.

If your life has just been derailed by an arrest, an accusation, or unwelcome police action, then call Mark. He will fight to get you back on track.

By Mark Osborne

Office number: 603-595-5525

Reviewer: Mark E. Bernier

“Brilliant.” The first word that comes to mind in describing my attorney, Mark Osborne. A court case can be very unnerving. Mark is very professional, intelligent and charismatic.His demeanor allowed me to feel comfortable in going through the court process. I am very impressed with his cleverness and calm mannerism in and out of the courtroom. Atty. Osborne represented me in two cases incurring a win both times. Thank you Atty. Osborne.

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