Affordable Criminal Lawyers in New Hampshire

Criminal Lawyers for New Hampshire. So how is it that Attorneys Mark Osborne and Justin Shepherd are able to offer first rate legal services at affordable prices? There are three answers to that question.

First, while money is nice, Mark and Justin believe that to whom much is given, much is required. If they wanted to get rich, they would not have become criminal defense lawyers in a two man law firm in Nashua, New Hampshire. If money was their primary goal for getting up every day and going to work, then they would have sought positions with banks, corporations, or at one of the many large Boston law firms that were a stones throw from their law schools.

Criminal Lawyers in NH

Mark and Justin take pride in helping real people find solutions to real problems.

Second, Mark and Justin do not employ paralegals or associate attorneys to do their work. Thus, Mark and Justin do not have to charge you more to pay for a large staff, associate attorneys, or unnecessary support staff. Together, Mark and Justin work late into the night writing their own personalized letters, motions, presentations, and arguments to the court. Mark and Justin do their own research rather than handing it off to nameless or faceless folks whom you might never see. Mark and Justin take pride in their work and much joy in the fact that they can provide stellar legal representation to their clients at a fraction of the cost charged by other law firms.

Mark and Justin aren’t pretentious and they don’t pretend to be brilliant. On the contrary, they simply work hard and don’t stop working until the job they are doing for you is done.

Lastly, Mark and Justin understand that most clients don’t have thousands of dollars stuffed under a mattress or in a off-shore account waiting for the day that they or someone they love might get arrested. Accordingly, Mark and Justin work diligently to make sure that the cost of their needed services do not exceed your means. They work hard to get you the results you want at the prices you can afford.

By the way, sometimes Mark and Justin are still surprised to learn how much more other firms charge as compared to their prices. A cynic might scratch his head and say, “Well, maybe they just are not that good.” We invite you to read our results section and judge for yourself. Better yet, give Mark or Justin a call on their cell phones and speak with them. Or, just stop by their office for a cup of coffee, a snack, and chat with them. You will be greeted with sincerity, a handshake, and an earnest desire to get you where you want to be.

By Shepherd and Osborne

Office number: 603-595-5525

Reviewer: Mark E. Bernier

“Brilliant.” The first word that comes to mind in describing my attorney, Mark Osborne. A court case can be very unnerving. Mark is very professional, intelligent and charismatic.His demeanor allowed me to feel comfortable in going through the court process. I am very impressed with his cleverness and calm mannerism in and out of the courtroom. Atty. Osborne represented me in two cases incurring a win both times. Thank you Atty. Osborne.

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