DUI Checklist in NH – What to Do When Pulled Over By Police

Nothing strikes more fear in a driver than seeing flashing blue lights in the rear view mirror.  This is particularly true if you have had one or more drinks of your favorite alcoholic beverage.  Anyone driving and facing the possibility of being pulled over for a DUI may benefit from being aware of a few tips for how to best handle the situation.  The following tips may help diffuse the situation and possibly help avoid a DUI charge altogether.

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  1. One way to minimize the chance of facing the DUI charge and to possibly avoid being pulled over altogether is to be sure your car is in proper working order.  In other words, don’t drive a jalopy.  Jalopies attract unwanted attention.  Make sure your headlights and taillights are working.  Make sure your muffler doesn’t make your car sound like the runway at Logan airport.  A cracked windshield, taillight or missing license plate will get you pulled over every time. Fix up your ride.
  2. If you do get pulled over don’t be a jerk to the officer.  Nothing screams impairment more than a belligerent asshole.  Roll down your window as directed and hand over the proper documentation when told to do so.  Don’t fumble around your glove box and drop your wallet while searching for your license.  Being respectful and mindful of your tone can help diffuse any tension.  Even if you are angry inside or near panic-mode, remaining calm, cool and collected on the outside can help your overall exchange with the officer and pay dividends down the road.
  3. Officers are trained to note what they see, hear and smell.  Thus, the fewer words that escape your pie hole the better.  If you have been drinking, it will be obvious in your words, on your breath and in your overall demeanor.  The best way to combat this fact is to minimize your words and actions. 
  4. Keep the beer cans, bottles, cups, nip bottles, whiskey bottles, bowls, bongs, joints and pills out of the car. 
  5. The Officer is going to ask how much you have had to drink.  Everyone always says “two beers”.  Yeah, sure.  Tell the officer that you will not be answering that question, or any other questions, without your attorney present.  You are under no obligation to speak with the officer, let alone make damaging admissions to having consumed alcohol.
  6. The Officer will ask you to exit the vehicle and perform a series of field sobriety tests.  Politely tell the officer that you will not be performing any such roadside testing.  You have the right to refuse to take the field sobriety tests.  Remember, the officer is paying close attention to how you exit the vehicle.
  7. The Officers will ask that you take a preliminary breath test.  Politely decline the invitation. 
  8. The best way to protect yourself from a potential DUI is to know your rights and know how best to deal with getting pulled over. When you know your rights and exercise those rights, you are acting in your own best interest and potentially avoiding any kind of charge.

Even after following the above tips if you get charged with DUI it is vital that you contact a New Hampshire DUI attorney who will take the time to hear your case, explain your rights and fight on your behalf.  A DUI attorney can help you avoid high fines, loss of license and possible jail time.

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