Falsifying Physical Evidence Laws in NH

In New Hampshire Falsifying Physical Evidence is a Class B Felony . A person charged with a Class B felony faces the potential of 3 ½ to 7 years at the Prison and up to a $4,000 fine.


Falsifying Physical Evidence Laws in NH

Here is a common example of Falsifying Physical Evidence: You are stopped by the local police for some driving infraction and you are asked to exit your vehicle. Once outside your car, the officer asks if you have any marijuana in your possession. The officer is led to ask this question because your eyes are red and glassy and a huge marijuana cloud is billowing out of your unrolled window. The officer’s question unnerves you and, suddenly, you thrust your hand into your pocket removing your marijuana stash. In a flash the officer yells for you to drop the marijuana. However, rather than simply comply and drop the marijuana, and before the officer can pounce on your marijuana bag, you make matters worse by throwing your zip lock baggie of marijuana down the storm drain never to be found again. The statute criminalizes the destruction of evidence. If you believe that an “official proceeding” is pending or about to be instituted, and you alter, destroy or remove the evidence with the purpose to impair its availability you have committed Falsifying Physical Evidence.


Falsifying Physical Evidence is a serious allegation. The Government is going to be most unhappy that you took steps to destroy their case. A felony conviction can have a drastic impact on your life – everything from going to prison to an inability to secure a good job.

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