Forgery Laws in New Hampshire

Forgery Laws in New Hampshire

NH forgery cases are serious business. You very well may be facing a felony depending on which section of the statute you are charged. Thus, not only are you facing a potential prison sentence if convicted, you are also facing the stigma and collateral ramifications of a felony conviction if found guilty.

Often times the forgery cases that cross our desks involve one of the following scenarios: Thinking that Grandma wants you to be wealthy, you steal a check from grandma’s checkbook, fill it in and cash it at the local bank. Grandma finds the check missing, calls the bank; the bank pulls the check and the corresponding video of you cashing it and volia, a felony. Or, a buddy says “do me a favor, go into the bank and cash this check” and, low and behold, the check was a forgery.

Key issues in a forgery case are whether you had a purpose to defraud or knowledge that you were facilitating a fraud to be committed by another. You can see that, in the second example above, the person cashing the check very well might not have knowledge that he was facilitating a fraud on his friend’s behalf. Thus, it’s important to have aggressive experienced lawyers fighting such an allegation.

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