Medical Hearing Laws at The New Hampshire DMV

Sometimes a client will receive an invitation to appear at the NH Department of Motor Vehicles for a so called “medical hearing”.   This occurs when a law enforcement agency or other interested entity sends a letter to the DMV alleging you have a medical condition that may impair your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.   In other words, the law enforcement offer believes you are a hazard to public safety or incapable of the safe operation of a vehicle.

The necessity for a medical hearing can be triggered in a variety of ways.  For example, sometimes a driver will tell an officer that he/she felt dizzy while driving and following an accident.  The officer has concerns and, hence, a medical hearing ensures.   Sometimes a police officer run a person’s driving history and see that they have had more accidents than Evil Knievel, thereby triggering a medical hearing.

If you receive notice of a “medical hearing” you need to contact a lawyer immediately.  An experienced lawyer can help you obtain the necessary medical records and information that the hearings examiner is going to request and rely upon when determining the future status of your license.   An experienced NH medical hearings attorney can make sure your properly prepared and advocate on your behalf at the DMV.

Attorneys Justin Shepherd and Mark Osborne frequently handle matters at the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles to include these types of hearings.  We are happy to speak with you.

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