Negligent Homicide Laws in New Hampshire

Negligent Homicide

It only takes a second.  You’re driving down the street. You have no reason to think that today will be different from any other day.  Except today is very different – today is the day that your car collides with another human being and kills him. You did not see it coming. You are not alone. Most people NEVER see it coming.  No matter – your life is about to change forever.

Within a few moments you are surrounded by police, ambulances, firetrucks, and hysterical eye witnesses. Before you have time to think or even say your name – police are firing questions at you. What happened? Where are you coming from? Have much have you had to drink tonight? Are you on drugs? Do you want to take a blood test? How about coming down to the station to give me a full statement?

In the blink of an eye, you have gone from being an everyday motorist to an alleged killer.  You will be questioned and re-questioned by investigators.  You have been told your entire life to just be honest and tell the police everything they want to know.  You realize that you may have caused the death of someone.  You want to do the right thing. But – you also know that the tone of the questions is becoming more and more accusatory.  What do you do?

You stop.  You stop thinking.  You stop talking. You stop trying to piece the last few minutes together.  Then – you call your family and tell them to get you a prominent Criminal Defense Lawyer.


Call Attorneys Justin Shepherd and Mark Osborne.  Negligent Homicide is a Class B felony.  However, if the Negligent Homicide is the result of Driving While Intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs, the offense becomes a Class A felony (punishable by a term of up to 15 years in prison).  Your driver’s license can be revoked for an indefinite period of time and one must wait 7 years before applying to get it back.

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