If you answer YES to any one of the following questions – or would to dozens of other questions which need to be asked – you owe it to yourself to have us analyze your case, explain your options and recommend a course of action. It will cost you nothing to talk with us.


  1. Do you suffer from an injury to your hips, knees, back, joints, or elsewhere that would affect your balance or performance on the field sobriety tests?
  2. Do you suffer from inner ear problems, epilepsy, glaucoma?
  3. Do you feel that you have been pulled over for no legitimate reason?
  4. Were your field sobriety tests performed on a surface that was flat, even and free of debris?
  5. Was the area where the field sobriety tests performed dimly lit?
  6. Did the glare of the police car’s overhead lights blind you or make you dizzy?
  7. If videotaped, do you appear sober even if you were scared or exhausted?
  8. Did the officer confuse exhaustion with impairment?
  9. Did you wear removable dentures during the breath test?
  10. If you were in an accident, did you suffer injuries that might have caused Law Enforcement Officer to mistakenly believe that you were drunk such as suffering a concussion?
  11. Do you have witnesses that will testify that they saw you while you were fine shortly before you were stopped?
  12. Do you suffer from diabetes, hypoglycemia, or any other condition that might have caused you to seem impaired?
  13. Were you operating the vehicle on a private road or driveway?
  14. Did the officer conduct post-arrest field sobriety tests?
  15. Prior to taking a breath test, did the officer fail to explain your Administrative License Suspension Rights?
  16. Did the arresting officer ask you questions at the police station such as “why don’t you want to take the test?”
  17. Did the officer fail to give you your breath test tube?

If you need help or have any questions, please don’t be afraid to call us. We don’t judge and we are happy to help.

Our telephone number is: 603-595-5525

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